Universal Reports Flat 2022 Results

    Strong performance from the company’s ingredients operations offset reduced results from its tobacco operations.

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    Combating Waste

    ALD Group is designing products that will help combat the growing concerns surrounding e-cigarette waste.

    The Virtuous Loop

    Reducing waste and saving energy boosts revenues, improves customer satisfaction and reduces environmental damage.

    Great Expectations

    Cavendish Lloyd has started growing low-nicotine flue-cured tobacco in Zimbabwe for shisha applications.

    An Elegant Solution

    A new technology allows cigarette manufacturers to use CO2 from their steam boilers for tobacco expansion.

    Current Thinking

    Matt Holman discusses the CTP Office of Science’s aspirations along with the challenges to achieving them.

    Taking Charge

    Regulators, manufacturers and consumers all bear a responsibility to minimize the environmental impact of ENDS batteries.

    Rolling With The Punches

    Rolling paper manufacturers benefit from pandemic-related downtrading and moves to legalize cannabis.

    Sailing to Zero

    British American Tobacco says it wants to become carbon neutral across its entire value chain by the year 2050.

    Pyxus’ ESG Journey

    Pyxus International’s president and chief executive officer, Pieter Sikkel, discusses advancing progress on key global issues

    Fighting The Wrong War

    The automatic criticism of everything associated with tobacco is not merely misguided; it has the potential to do real harm.

    Major Milestones

    The most impactful vaping technology innovations from the past 15 years

    Tobacco Reporter May 2022

    Tobacco Reporter’s May 2022 issue looks at industry efforts to improve the sustainability of its operations—to ensure today’s stakeholders can meet current needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

    Among other topics, we examine industry initiatives to reduce battery waste generated by electronic nicotine delivery products, machinery makers’ efforts to minimize their equipment’s energy consumption and vapor companies’ endeavors to include more recyclable components in their products.

    Our May issue also highlights a remarkable new technology that allows cigarette manufacturers to capture the carbon dioxide generated by their operations and use it for tobacco expansion, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and expenses simultaneously!

    Clive Bates explains why criticism of the tobacco industry’s diversification is misguided and Cheryl Olson explores ways to educate physicians on nicotine and the risk continuum.

    Clive Bates

    A regular contributor to Tobacco Reporter, Clive Bates is the director of Counterfactual Consulting and the former director of Action on Smoking and Health (U.K.).

    In this section, we present a selection of his articles.


    Fighting The Wrong War

    The automatic criticism of everything associated with tobacco is not merely misguided; it has the potential to do real harm.

    Fresh Thinking

    The World Health Organization and tobacco policy: a seven-point reform agenda

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    Heading for the Exit

    Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, tobacco companies retreat from one of the world’s top cigarette markets.

    All in the Mind

    A human-centric health ecosystem could unleash tobacco harm reduction’s full potential.

    A Balancing Act

    Embracing tobacco harm reduction might help Indonesia ease the tension between dependence on tobacco revenues and rising healthcare costs.

    Pure Play

    Filter manufacturers consider their strategies in an increasingly challenging environment.

    Laser Liaison

    Heinen Koehl’s coding equipment combines serialization and aggregation in one unit.