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China Rising

The future of China’s vapor market depends on what the government does next.

Tectonic Shift

By 2025, smoke-free products could contribute more than half of PMI’s net revenues.

Flexible Solutions

The prospects for tobacco packaging remain bright despite stagnating cigarette sales.

Chewing the Fat

Our U.K. editor ponders the absence of health warnings on his calorie-laden ice cream bar.

Fighting Fakes

As illicit trade thrives in the pandemic, demand for security devices is expected to grow.

Coping with Covid

Tobacco storage and logistics companies take the pandemic-related disruptions in stride.

People First

Jennie Galbraith discusses British American Tobacco’s human rights initiatives.

Nurturing a Niche

A new joint venture brings security to the global supply of Latakia tobacco.

Focusing Minds

U.K regulations review provides an opportunity to hasten smokers’ transition to less-harmful products.

Lessons From History

Fighting against illegal vapor products, authorities risk repeating their mistakes from combustibles.

Tobacco Reporter April 2021

Tobacco Reporter’s April 2021 profiles the global tobacco logistics business: How has it fared amid the Covid-19-related disruptions?

Timothy Donahue examines the opportunities for the vapor business in China. With some 300 million smokers, the country should be a prime market for e-cigarettes, but government plans to regulate vapor like tobacco have darkened the outlook.

George Gay highlights a cherished but little-known tobacco—Latakia—and Stefanie Rossel spoke with the Brazilian tobacco association Sindifumo about efforts to keep rural youngsters out of the fields.


Clive Bates

Clive Bates
A regular contributor to Tobacco Reporter Clive Bates is the director of Counterfactual Consulting and the former director of Action on Smoking and Health (U.K.).

In this section, we present a selection of his articles.

The Endgame Revisited

It is time to confront the fundamental confusion about the public health aims for tobacco and nicotine policy.

Merchants of Doubt

In the vaping debate, falsehood flies and the truth comes limping after it


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Lessons From History

Fighting against illegal vapor products, authorities risk repeating their mistakes from combustibles.

Blueprint for Exit

Colombian tobacco farmers had to find alternatives overnight. Their plight offers lessons for others.

Keen to Connect

QBM, organizer of the renowned WT exhibitions, prepares to satisfy the pent-up demand for events.

Keeping Pace

Filter makers prepare to meet new environmental requirements and consumer preferences.

Proper Context

Will the EU consider the relative risk of e-cigarettes when it revises its Tobacco Products Directive?

A Mixed Record

The FDA’s comprehensive plan on tobacco and nicotine regulation three years later

Continued Momentum

Innovative products and environmental drivers are creating new opportunities for adhesives.

Homework Due

One of the world’s largest markets, Indonesia commits to eliminating all forms of child labor by 2022.

Wake-Up Call

To speed up the demise of combustibles, the FCTC needs modifications, says Derek Yach.