• February 27, 2024

Pakistan: Growers Want Control Of Tobacco

Farmers say the Tobacco Board has promoted buyers’ interests at their expense.

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Setting It Fre

Turning Point Brands prepares to roll out its FRE nicotine pouch nationally in the U.S. this year.

Inscrutable Islands

Home to a number of tobacco varieties, Indonesia is among the world’s most diverse leaf origins.

Not For The Birds

The impact of the 5th Circuit’s recent ruling against the FDA on tobacco harm reduction

Give Them A Break

Smokers suffer a greater degree of ostracization than those engaging in other risky activities.

A Persistent Problem

The combination of substantial potential profits and low risk that has fueled the illicit cigarette trade is now also driving criminals’ interest in new nicotine products.

Difficult Dynamics

The oriental leaf business struggles with adverse weather conditions and farmer attrition.

A Brighter Future

Examining the impact of flavored e-cigarettes on adult smokers: insights from a three-month experimental study

Tobacco Reporter February 2024

For our February 2024 issue, Tobacco Reporter traveled to Indonesia, where it encountered a leaf market unlike any other. Whereas most origins specialize in one of two internationally recognized tobaccos, Indonesia produces a baffling array of varieties, many of them unique to the island nation.

So diverse are the products on offer that one aspiring leaf trader was advised to forget about his experiences in Zimbabwe and Brazil and instead draw inspiration from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the fictional magical boarding school in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

Cheryl Olson examines the impact of the recent ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit on the Food and Drug Administration’s approach to premarket tobacco product applications, which asserts that nicotine product manufacturers have been treated unfairly. What will the verdict mean for tobacco harm reduction?

George Gay explores why smokers face a greater degree of ostracization than those engaging in other risky activities and Stefanie Rossel reports on the thriving markets for herbal heated products and nicotine pouches.

Also in this issue: Godioli & Bellanti’s 100th anniversary.

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A New Reality

Two years into the Ukrainian conflict, businesses in the tobacco industry still scramble to adapt.

The Looming Backlash

Cracking down on Zyn nicotine pouches will only harsh the buzz around the office, writes Peter Clark.

All Puff

Concern about secondhand smoke does not warrant Britain’s generational tobacco ban, writes Charles Amos.

Northern Exposure

Vape and modern oral sales are rising, but combustibles remain king of the North American market.

A Misguided Crusade

The campaigns against lower risk products serve political goals at the expense of health, writes Catharine Dockery.

Tension in Panama

The exclusion of Brazilian representatives from the recent COP10 sparks a fiery debate on transparency.

Defending Liberty

Activists express their opposition to a generational tobacco ban during a reception at the House of Commons.

Clearing the Smoke

What the next-generation nicotine industry can expect in 2024, according to Broughton’s Paul Hardman.

Endgame Over

Policymakers are having second thoughts about generational tobacco bans.