• April 18, 2024

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Turning Up the Heat

Heated-tobacco products continue to gain momentum, although consumption patterns are shifting.

Mediocre Meeting

COP10 is unlikely to significantly accelerate progress toward the FCTC objectives.

The Virtue in Vice

Vice Ventures has carved out a niche investing in good companies in “bad” industries.

Thriving Against the Odds

Pondering the industry’s remarkable longevity as Tobacco Reporter celebrates its 150th anniversary.

Russian Resolve

A supplier of product labeling solutions claims its technology had helped shrink the Russian illicit cigarette market by a quarter.

Mapping Milestones

Three years into its five-year strategy, Imperial Brands reports progress on multiple fronts.

Confidence and Confidentiality

McKinney Specialty Labs has the expertise to generate trustworthy data and the discretion to share it only with authorized users.

Tobacco Reporter April 2024

This year marks our publication’s 150th anniversary. To celebrate, our April 2024 issue reflects not only on a century and a half of editorial excellence, but also on the remarkable endurance of the nicotine business in an increasingly challenging operating environment. What is the secret of its success?

Unfortunately, there was less to brag about by the parties to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which held their 10th meeting recently. As Stefanie Rossel reports in this issue, the Panama gathering featured lots of grandstanding but marked little progress toward the treaty’s goal of reducing the health impact of smoking.

Cheryl Olson investigated where the industry stands with ESG. Even as the term is falling out of fashion in some quarters, she found that the nicotine business remains firmly committed to the concept.

Timothy Donahue reports from the Habanos cigar festival in Cuba and Catharine Dockery shared with us the business strategy of her Vice Ventures fund, which specializes in good companies in supposedly bad industries.

Also in this issue: A profile of McKinney Specialty Labs in Richmond.

Also in TR

Navigating the Fog

Brazilian lawmakers mull regulation of e-cigarettes, which despite being illegal remain widely available in the country.

A Risky Strategy

Banning e-liquid flavors may not achieve the outcomes that proponents of that measure have in mind.

Half Measures

Though a generational tobacco ban is not without merit, the U.K. will not allow it to work in the way that it could—and thus the measure should be shelved, writes George Gay.

Green Pact

Filtrona partners with Greenbutts to expand its range of sustainable filter offerings.

System Overload

The broken U.S. new tobacco product application process revealed by the numbers

A New Reality

Two years into the Ukrainian conflict, businesses in the tobacco industry still scramble to adapt.

Battening Down the Hatches

Having weathered the supply disruptions of Covid-19, tobacco freight forwarders must now dodge missiles in one of the world’s busiest waterways.