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    Staying the Course

    KT&G continues to make progress toward its ambition of becoming a top-tier global player.

    Craving Normalcy

    Climate change, war and a lingering pandemic exacerbate the typical challenges presented by leaf tobacco supply and demand.

    Fit for the Future

    Thanks to its agility and relentless focus on personal service, Hail & Cotton remains in excellent shape even after a century in business.

    Choppy waters

    Machinery makers navigate supply chain challenges and customers’ changing product portfolios.

    Pathways To Acceptance

    Scientists, regulators and industry must work together to help change perceptions of nicotine.

    All Hands on Deck

    Tobacco harm reduction is gaining momentum but continues to face many hurdles.

    The Takeaways

    What lessons should regulators learn from the United States?

    Fruitful Cooperation

    By partnering with Bayer Crop Science, Alliance One International improves farmer livelihoods.

    Fighting for Farmers

    Antonio Abrunhosa and Mercedes Vazquez, reflect on the prospects for tobacco farmers in a changing environment.

    Tobacco Reporter July 2022

    In it July 2022 issue, Tobacco Reporter examines the U.S. plan to mandate significant reductions in the nicotine levels of cigarettes, which the Biden administration made official on June 21.

    Will the measure prevent future generations from becoming addicted to cigarettes and prompt current smokers to quit, as its proponents contend, or will it cause nicotine users to smoke more cigarettes to get their fix—and thus inhale more toxins—as critics have suggested?

    George Gay takes the pulse of the global leaf market and Stefanie Rossel reports on the state of tobacco harm reduction in low- and middle-income countries.

    Cheryl Olson reports from the E-Cigarette Summit in Washington, where speakers reminded their audience that, contrary to what certain academics believe, smokers still exist in persistently large numbers, many in marginalized pockets of society.

    Also in the issue: A profile of Hail and Cotton, which recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and an update on KT&G’s progress toward achieving its ambition of becoming a global top tier nicotine business.

    Clive Bates

    A regular contributor to Tobacco Reporter, Clive Bates is the director of Counterfactual Consulting and the former director of Action on Smoking and Health (U.K.).

    In this section, we present a selection of his articles.


    The Takeaways

    What lessons should regulators learn from the United States?

    Fighting The Wrong War

    The automatic criticism of everything associated with tobacco is not merely misguided; it has the potential to do real harm.

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    Inching Closer

    The FDA has taken a major step toward banning menthol cigarettes in the U.S., but there’s still a long way to go.

    Plain in Vain

    Standardized packaging is not a miracle cure for reducing smoking prevalence, studies suggest.

    Coming Clean

    Stakeholders debate the challenges presented by cigarette litter.

    Out of the Box

    Roya Ghafele believes the industry should think more creatively about intellectual property.

    In the CatBird Seat

    A pioneer in nicotine reduction, 22nd Century is well-placed as FDA mulls a mandate for minimally addictive cigarettes.

    Combating Waste

    ALD Group is designing products that will help combat the growing concerns surrounding e-cigarette waste.

    The Virtuous Loop

    Reducing waste and saving energy boosts revenues, improves customer satisfaction and reduces environmental damage.

    Great Expectations

    Cavendish Lloyd has started growing low-nicotine flue-cured tobacco in Zimbabwe for shisha applications.

    An Elegant Solution

    A new technology allows cigarette manufacturers to use CO2 from their steam boilers for tobacco expansion.