• May 23, 2024

Northern Ireland to Adopt U.K. Generational Ban

Health Minister Robin Swann said the bill aims to "stop people from ever starting to smoke."


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Tobacco Earnings Jump

Malawi has made 83 percent more from leaf sales to date this year than it did in the comparable 2023 period.


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The Great Scramble

Buyers have been paying record prices to secure their shares of Brazil’s smaller-than-expected tobacco crop.

A Perfect Storm

How India came to deny consumers legal access to safer ways of consuming nicotine.

Smart and Smooth

Stefan Hahn, managing director of Koehl, discusses the latest trends in cigarette manufacturing.

Feeling the Squeeze

A crackdown on vapes has pushed some Chinese companies out of business and encouraged others to prioritize international sales.

Driving Transformation

BAT’S new U.K. Innovation Center demonstrates the company’s commitment to become a smokeless business.

Turning Up the Heat

Heated-tobacco products continue to gain momentum, although consumption patterns are shifting.

Mediocre Meeting

COP10 is unlikely to significantly accelerate progress toward the FCTC objectives.

Tobacco Reporter May 2024

In its May 2024 issue, Tobacco Reporter covers the mad scramble for Brazil’s smaller-than-expected tobacco crop this year. In an in-depth article, Taco Tuinstra analyzes not only the current marketing season, but also the long-term challenges facing Brazil’s tobacco industry, which include acute labor shortages, an aging grower base and increased regulatory focus on farming in the wake of the 10th Conference of the Parties to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

Cheryl Olson examined how people stop smoking in “the real world.” While randomized controlled trials are the widely acknowledged gold standard in research, they fail to capture the often messy quitting experiences of millions.

George Gay visited BAT’s recently inaugurated innovation center in Southampton, U.K., and left encouraged about science’s ability to help improve the lives of consumers.

Samrat Chowdhery explains how India came to deny consumers legal access to safer ways of consuming nicotine, and Stefanie Rossel describes how China’s regulations have impacted the vaping business.

Also in this issue: A report from the recent TMA annual meeting and conference, where CEO Chris Greer announced an exciting rebranding initiative.

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Food for Thought

Opponents of the U.K. generational tobacco ban gather at London’s Boisdale Restaurant to voice their discontent.

The Takeaways

Tobacco harm reduction advocate Derek Yach reflects on the lessons from the recent Ecig Summit in Washington, DC.

Not Lost Yet

While struggling with mounting cost and regulations, Polish tobacco companies cheer the retreat of the illicit market.

Mastering the Maze

Toxicological considerations to be considered when bringing HTPs to market, according to Broughton.

Diluted Diligence

Even in its watered-down version, the recently approved EU supply chain law will impact tobacco companies.

A Defining Decade

Tobacco Reporter’s sister publication, Vapor Voice, celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

Navigating the Fog

Brazilian lawmakers mull regulation of e-cigarettes, which despite being illegal remain widely available in the country.

A Risky Strategy

Banning e-liquid flavors may not achieve the outcomes that proponents of that measure have in mind.

Half Measures

Though a generational tobacco ban is not without merit, the U.K. will not allow it to work in the way that it could—and thus the measure should be shelved, writes George Gay.