Cross-Party Support for Vaping During Westminster Debate

MPs from the main political parties stress the role of vaping in helping Britain achieve Smoke Free 2030 targets.

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A Solid Foundation

The transition to less harmful nicotine products will succeed only if investors buy into the concept.

Fearless Fighter

How Mayiwepi Jiti became a successful grower in Zimbabwe’s male-dominated tobacco industry.

Permission to Speak

A court allows German retailers to tell customers that vaping is less unhealthy than smoking.

Gathering Clouds

How subjecting e-cigarettes to tobacco rules would change China’s vapor business

Rooting for Science

Participants in the In Focus: THR conference examined the state of harm reduction in a critical year.

Beyond Volumes

OAI believes there is opportunity for suppliers who can offer sustainably produced tobacco.

Fresh Thinking

The World Health Organization and tobacco policy: a seven-point reform agenda

Back in Business

The Uncommitted Tobacco Auction returns as an online marketplace.

Tobacco Reporter June 2021

Tobacco Reporter’s June 2021 issue explores what might happen if Chinese regulators move forward with their proposal to regulate vapor products like tobacco. The domestic vapor industry’s meteoric rise has been driven by the visions of individual entrepreneurs and facilitated by the government’s comparatively light touch. The Chinese tobacco industry by contrast is characterized by functionaries fulfilling centrally set production targets. Unsurprisingly, investors are following the debate closely.

Also in this issue, Stefanie Rossel reports from the debut In Focus: Harm Reduction virtual conference and George Gay speaks with representatives of Alliance One International. Despite stagnating cigarette volumes, the leaf merchant believes there is opportunity for suppliers who can offer tobacco produced in a sustainable manner.

We also relate the remarkable story of Mayiwepi Jiti, who defied the odds to become a successful commercial tobacco grower in Zimbabwe’s male-dominated leaf industry.


Clive Bates

Clive Bates
A regular contributor to Tobacco Reporter Clive Bates is the director of Counterfactual Consulting and the former director of Action on Smoking and Health (U.K.).

In this section, we present a selection of his articles.


Fresh Thinking

The World Health Organization and tobacco policy: a seven-point reform agenda

The Endgame Revisited

It is time to confront the fundamental confusion about the public health aims for tobacco and nicotine policy.


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A New Dawn

BAT is keen to build “a better tomorrow.” Kingsley Wheaton explains what that entails.

A Golden Age

The pandemic notwithstanding, rolling papers, blunt wraps and cones are flying off the shelves.

Smart Moves

Machinery makers are investing to future-proof leaf processing factories.

Smart Farming

Using sophisticated data technology, CropIn is helping leaf producers streamline operations.

Lessons From History

Fighting against illegal vapor products, authorities risk repeating their mistakes from combustibles.

Blueprint for Exit

Colombian tobacco farmers had to find alternatives overnight. Their plight offers lessons for others.

Keen to Connect

QBM, organizer of the renowned WT exhibitions, prepares to satisfy the pent-up demand for events.