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A Golden Age

The pandemic notwithstanding, rolling papers, blunt wraps and cones are flying off the shelves.

Smart Moves

Machinery makers are investing to future-proof leaf processing factories.

Incubating Innovation

ITM continues to explore new ways to develop flexible NGP products manufacturing equipment.

Smart Farming

Using sophisticated data technology, CropIn is helping leaf producers streamline operations.

Fresh Thinking

The World Health Organization and tobacco policy: a seven-point reform agenda

Back in Business

The Uncommitted Tobacco Auction returns as an online marketplace.

A New Dawn

BAT is keen to build “a better tomorrow.” Kingsley Wheaton explains what that entails.

People First

Jennie Galbraith discusses British American Tobacco’s human rights initiatives.

Nurturing a Niche

A new joint venture brings security to the global supply of Latakia tobacco.

Tobacco Reporter May 2021

Tobacco Reporter’s May 2021 edition details efforts to improve the lot of female tobacco farmers in Malawi. Women do much of the work on the farm but remain disadvantaged in many respects. Giving women more prominent roles is not only socially desirable, it should also help boosts the overall economy, according to experts.

Clive Bates presents a seven-point reform program for the World Health Organization and Cheryl Olsen explains how the tobacco companies’ past behavior continues to affect how regulators treat the industry today.

George Gay speaks with Kingsley Wheaton about British American Tobacco’s efforts to build “A better tomorrow,” and we report on rebirth of the Uncommitted Tobacco Auction as an online marketplace.


Clive Bates

Clive Bates
A regular contributor to Tobacco Reporter Clive Bates is the director of Counterfactual Consulting and the former director of Action on Smoking and Health (U.K.).

In this section, we present a selection of his articles.

Fresh Thinking

The World Health Organization and tobacco policy: a seven-point reform agenda

The Endgame Revisited

It is time to confront the fundamental confusion about the public health aims for tobacco and nicotine policy.


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Keen to Connect

QBM, organizer of the renowned WT exhibitions, prepares to satisfy the pent-up demand for events.

Keeping Pace

Filter makers prepare to meet new environmental requirements and consumer preferences.

Lessons From History

Fighting against illegal vapor products, authorities risk repeating their mistakes from combustibles.

Blueprint for Exit

Colombian tobacco farmers had to find alternatives overnight. Their plight offers lessons for others.

Proper Context

Will the EU consider the relative risk of e-cigarettes when it revises its Tobacco Products Directive?

A Mixed Record

The FDA’s comprehensive plan on tobacco and nicotine regulation three years later

Continued Momentum

Innovative products and environmental drivers are creating new opportunities for adhesives.

Homework Due

One of the world’s largest markets, Indonesia commits to eliminating all forms of child labor by 2022.