• December 2, 2023

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Vape Leaders Honored

The UKVIA recognizes leaders in compliance, innovation, sustainability and youth access prevention.


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On a Roll

Driven by cost considerations and growing environmental awareness, do-it-yourself cigarette papers continue to gain popularity.

Beyond Face Value

Applied properly, age estimation technology can be a valid tool to discourage youth access.

Filling the Gaps

As it seeks to reduce its reliance on tobacco, Zimbabwe is investing in cannabis research.

A Shot in the Arm

Boosted by a significant private equity investment, CME Automation Systems is strengthening its offerings.

Shifting Sands

Under pressure from the IMF, Egypt’s government reduces its share in Eastern Co.

Taming the Cowboys

Altria has declared war on the illicit disposable devices that are impacting its bottom line.

A Widening Gap

Tobacco harm reduction for people with mental health needs

A Taste of ‘Terroir’

With its origin-focused approach, CTS has become a successful niche player in the French RYO category.

Peace of Mind

With its first overseas production facility, Smoore has boosted the resilience of its operations.

Tobacco Reporter December 2023

Tobacco Reporter’s December 2023 issue examines the potential of digital age verification technology to help deter underage access to nicotine products. Facial recognition systems have come a long way in a recent years, but also raise privacy concerns.

The technology that conveniently unlocks your smartphone can also be used by autocrats to monitor their subjects, marketers to tracks your behavior and thieves to steal your identity. In his article “Beyond Face Value,” George Gay weighs the pros and cons based on a U.K. experiment.

Cheryl Olson explores the challenges and opportunities for tobacco harm reduction for people with mental health needs, who tend to smoke at higher rates than the overall population. Stefanie Rossel delves into the Egyptian government’s recent selloff of a stake in its tobacco monopoly, and Taco Tuinstra reports on the nicotine flavoring business in the Spice Islands (Indonesia).

Also in this issue: A new technology that delivers nicotine through foam.

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Unpacking the Pouch

How we can better understand the toxicological risk of nicotine in modern oral and other nicotine products

Persistence Pays

Lessons from consumer advocacy groups that successfully fought for vaping regulation

A Pipe Dream?

Britain’s plan to create a smoke-free generation could be momentous if implemented properly—and herein lies the problem.

A Heady Mixture

AIR Global is revolutionizing shisha smoking with a mixture of technology and tradition.