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Proper Context

Will the EU consider the relative risk of e-cigarettes when it revises its Tobacco Products Directive?

A Mixed Record

The FDA’s comprehensive plan on tobacco and nicotine regulation three years later

Being You

How each of us plays a role on the journey to sustainable and inclusive workforce change

High Expectations

Faced with declining demand for tobacco, industry suppliers are turning their attention to cannabis.

Innovative Solutions

Packaging supplier LLFlex helps prevent underage access to cannabis products

Continued Momentum

Innovative products and environmental drivers are creating new opportunities for adhesives.

Homework Due

One of the world’s largest markets, Indonesia commits to eliminating all forms of child labor by 2022.

Recon Reconsidered

Garbuio has developed a new process for making reconstituted leaf tobacco.

Wake-Up Call

To speed up the demise of combustibles, the FCTC needs modifications, says Derek Yach.

The Contortionists

Committing to the FCTC objectives while manufacturing cigarettes requires moral acrobatics.

Tobacco Reporter February 2021

In its February 2021 issue, Tobacco Reporter highlights the industry’s efforts to eradicate child labor, taking Indonesia as a case study to illustrate the challenges and opportunities in this fight.

Beth Oliva and Philip Langer of Roth Foxschild evaluate the progress that has been made since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced its comprehensive plan for tobacco and nicotine regulation in 2017.

Renowned public health researcher Cheryl Olsen sheds light on one what is arguably the most confusing part of a U.S. marketing application—the perception and intention study.

Also in this issue: An exclusive interview with the director of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, Derek Yach.




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Known Unknowns

Known unknowns: The case for realistic optimism in the wake of America’s elections.

The Wrong Direction

E-cigarette use in Great Britain has declined for the first time, most likely due to misinformation.

The Next Level

Hauni has entered the hemp cigarette market with three machines for pre-roll manufacture.

Going Natural

As interest in untreated products increases, Zig-Zag launches new unbleached and hemp papers.