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And the winners are…

 And the winners are…

Winners of the first Golden Leaf Awards competition.

TR Staff Report

Tobacco Reporter is pleased to announce the winners of the first Golden Leaf Awards competition. Sponsored exclusively by Indonesian paper manufacturer BMJ, the Golden Leaf Awards were created to recognize professional excellence and dedication in the tobacco industry.

We’ve granted awards in five categories—most impressive public service initiative; most promising new product introduction; most exciting newcomer to the industry; most outstanding service to the industry; and the BMJ most committed to quality award.
Here are the winners:

  • Lakson Tobacco Co. won in the category “Most impressive public service initiative” for its social and medical services to people in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province, particularly after the region was hit by a devastating earthquake in 2005.
  • TobaccoPeople was recognized as the industry’s “Most exiting newcomer.” Applying cutting-edge information technology to a traditional industry, the group has created a professional networking Web site that has grown exponentially since its launch in September 2005.
  • Titan Adhesives received the “Most promising product introduction” award for its 9067 Easy Pop hot-melt adhesive. Titan designed an adhesive specifically for sealing/tacking a cigarette carton’s long flap, an application that is often overlooked by other manufacturers because of the small volumes involved.
  • Celanese Acetate accepted the “Most outstanding service to the industry” award for its support to the industry worldwide, and specifically to that in Indonesia, where Celanese has supported the clove cigarette industry since the introduction of the first machine-made kreteks.
  • Winter, Bell won in the “BMJ most committed to quality” category for its comprehensive program to guarantee quality. A supplier of unprinted innerframe, Winter, Bell has in place a system that not only prevents errors from occurring but also helps the company quickly correct any defects before product is shipped to the customer.

Tobacco Reporter and BMJ wish to congratulate all winners on their considerable achievements. The winners will receive a commemorative trophy during a special banquet in Bali, Indonesia, on Nov. 8, 2006.

This is the first year of the contest. The next Golden Leaf Awards banquet will take place in Paris during the TABEXPO exhibition in November 2007. Entries can be submitted starting in March 2007. The categories will be the same as this year’s. We encourage everybody to enter and make the 2007 awards even more successful than the 2006 edition.