• March 2, 2024

“Lickless” RYO papers

Sustainable Trading claims the “first true innovation” in otherwise stale market.

Sustainable Trading Ltd. (STL) has introduced a line of self-adhesive tobacco rolling papers in the United Kingdom. The company says its introduction, called VPapers, is the first true innovation in a market where products are differentiated only by packaging artwork. Consumer research carried out by STL revealed demand for a premium-quality cigarette paper that does not need to be licked to seal it shut. This is particularly true among women, according to the company, who represent the fastest-growing section of the roll-your-own market. The U.K. RYO market is currently experiencing double-digit year-on-year growth.

The Vpapers portfolio comprises regular and king size in medium weight and lightweight papers.

For more information, contact Simon Webb at STL. Telephone: +44 1622 861 468. E-mail: simon.webb@vpapers.net. Web site: www.vpapers.net.