• July 12, 2024

TABEXPO: A message from the chairman at Tobacco Reporter

 TABEXPO: A message from the chairman at Tobacco Reporter
Dayton Matlick

Following the huge success of TABEXPO 2011 Prague, many people are working behind the scenes on TABEXPO 2015 and figuring out how we can continue to make it bigger, better and more relevant to our audience – you!

Selecting the host city for TABEXPO involved many considerations: accessibility, accommodations and their quality and location, a stable infrastructure, reasonable costs and the appeal of the city itself to our well-traveled and international audience. London continues the tradition set by our previous host cities of Vienna, Geneva, Barcelona, Paris and Prague, not just meeting our expectations but exceeding them.

After personal site inspections of the numerous venues available in London, our choice was ExCeL Centre, by the Royal Docks on the Thames River. It is a large, modern exhibition hall, unimpeded by support pillars. It offers flexibility of space and reasonable rates that we can, and will, pass along to exhibitors and sponsors of TABEXPO 2015 London. Hotels of every caliber are convenient and numerous. Public transportation on the ground offers “to the door” delivery and multiple international airports provide numerous choices for participants and visitors from all over the globe. London has a long tradition of attracting discerning visitors, and ranks at the top of the world’s “favorite places to visit.”

Our industry has undergone drastic changes since the inception of TABEXPO in 1994 and TABEXPO has followed suit. After all, we know you now have choices when it comes to participating in face-to-face events. What hasn’t changed, however, is TABEXPO’s commitment to the premise that we serve ourselves best by serving our customers first. And with many of the same Tobacco Reporter staff still in place that helped bring you the first TABEXPO, we serve you best by knowing your needs, knowing your customers and knowing your goals as well as we know our own.

That history of service, knowledge and commitment continues today, and will only strengthen as we move toward TABEXPO 2015 London. TABEXPO is still your One and Only.

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