• March 2, 2024

New technology improves filter performance and functionality

Celanese Corp. has developed a technology that enables cigarette manufacturers to deploy filter additives at significantly higher loading levels than was previously possible.

CelFX Matrix Technology creates a firm, porous matrix structure that can hold a broad range of additives in the filters of cigarettes. As a result, the matrix structure efficiently filters the smoke stream while effectively introducing the loaded additives in the process.

According to Todd Elliott, vice president and general manager of Celanese Acetate Products, CelFX Matrix Technology raises filtration to a new level of performance and functionality.

At the core of CelFX Matrix Technology is an ability to employ various additives at significantly higher loading levels directly in the filter. Holding these additives strongly in place with a specialized inert binder material, CelFX Matrix Technology allows better filtration efficiencies and helps to free up filter space that can be used by product designers for other innovation.

Trials conducted with CelFX technology-based rods demonstrate that it is a drop-in solution for commercial combiner equipment.

“With the launch of CelFX technology, manufacturers now have a highly versatile platform to develop innovative products,” says Elliott.

“As advanced filtration becomes a focus of product innovation, Celanese is redefining filtration performance with CelFX Matrix Technology, effectively expanding the horizons of filter capabilities. The cigarette-producing industry may now rethink how it looks at advanced filtration.”

For more information, visit CelFX.com