• May 27, 2024

Fiji running out of places for smokers to smoke

Smoking in Fiji restaurants will be illegal as of July 1st, and a $1,000 fine will be carried if any one business breaches the new law, which was implemented under the Tobacco Control Regulation of 2012. Graphical warnings on cigarette packets will also be printed as of July, according to a story by the Fiji Broadcasting Company.

British American Tobacco corporate manager Rajeshwar Singh says the law has serious implications on their business.

“It has implications on our business because there is no exemption we have to comply, and in order to comply we need to change the packaging label of the product, and as a result of that, there is cost associated to that.”

Also under the Tobacco Control Regulations 2012 – any workplace where the public has access also becomes a no-smoking area. This includes stairways, passageways, entrances and the foyer.

Bus stations, Internet shops and even water transports – meaning boats also are smoke-free zones starting in July.