Vaping is working in Southwest Florida

    A few businesses in Southwest Florida, U.S., are allowing vaping in the workplace, according to a story in the Naples Daily News.

    For instance, Safety Harbour Insurance, which serves Lee and Collier counties, is said to allow its employees to ‘e-puff’ away at work.

    “We absolutely love it,” said manager Candace Nichols, who has been using e-cigarettes for nearly a year after smoking tobacco cigarettes for 13 years. “It cuts back on the extra break time, so we are able to be more productive within the business.”

    Nichols, among others, said e-cigarettes helped them quit regular tobacco smoking.

    And for that reason, other companies, including Lee Memorial Health System, are considering changing their policies to allow vaping.

    At present, Lee Memorial’s policy against using tobacco products in any of its buildings includes e-cigarettes, but that ban could change.

    “The policy was written several years ago when e-cigarettes were much less common,” Lee Memorial spokeswoman Mary Briggs, wrote in an email.

    “We recognize that many people are using them to help them stop smoking, so we are going to review the policy this summer to see if it needs any changes.”