• March 2, 2024

‘Silica filter optimizes filtration’

Solvay Acetow has launched Rhodia FilterSorb, a silica filter solution for optimized filtration.

A unique silica-based granule in a cellulose acetate matrix, Rhodia FilterSorb adds a second filtration step to a standard filter to provide optimized filtration, without loss of flavor, according to Solvay Acetoy.

In a qualitative taste panel, comparing a standard cellulose acetate filter, a charcoal filter and a Rhodia FilterSorb filter, most panelists found that Rhodia FilterSorb preserved more real tobacco flavor while providing a softer and smoother taste.

A survey performed in Russia showed that around 35 percent of the participants would be prepared to pay a significant premium for cigarettes with an improved filtration capability.