• April 16, 2024

Pro-electronic cigarette demonstration scheduled for Brussels on July 10

Vapers are due to take to the streets of Brussels to protest proposals that could emasculate electronic cigarettes sold within the EU.

Many people from across the tobacco divide believe that electronic cigarettes pose little risk to the users of these products.

And they believe that electronic cigarettes comprise one of the most potent products when it comes to weaning smokers from traditional tobacco products.

Toward the end of last year, the European Commission put forward its proposals for revising the Tobacco Products Directive, and as part of those proposals it suggested that electronic cigarettes exceeding a certain threshold of nicotine should come under medicinal products legislation.

Vapers from across Europe are due to meet in Brussels on July 10 to protest peacefully against the proposal to categorize electronic cigarettes as medicines.

“They will meet up in Place Luxembourg (subject to the appropriate permissions, which have been applied for) at 12:30 local time to prepare for a startling and memorable demonstration of what classifying e-cigs as medicines will actually mean—the continued early deaths of up to 2,000 smokers every day of every year,” said a note posted at Vapourtrails.tv: http://forum.vapourtrails.tv/showthread.php?tid=484.

At 13:00, the note said, each vaper will burst one or more black balloons, each one signifying the life of a smoker who, had she been allowed to switch to electronic cigarettes by choice and desire, would have reached her full life span, but, because of the classification of electronic cigarettes as medicines, died early, as a smoker.

The organizers are hoping to be joined by some members of the European Parliament.