• March 2, 2024

Reorganization at Swedish Match

Swedish Match said today it was reorganizing its operating structure by integrating its Scandinavia Division and Smoke-free Products Division into a new, streamlined Scandinavia Division.

It gave details, too, of the new group management team (GMT) resulting from this reorganization.

The new division will have full responsibility for the Scandinavian snus business and the global responsibility for the production of smoke-free products at factories in Gothenburg and Kungälv, Sweden, and in Owensboro, Kentucky, USA.

The GMT team will comprise Lars Dahlgren (president and CEO), Marlene Forsell (senior vice president, SVP, and CFO), Joakim Tilly (president Scandinavia Division), Lars Olof Löfman (SVP product supply and marketing, Scandinavia Division), Fredrik Lagercrantz (SVP business control), Richard Flaherty (president, U.S. Division), Fredrik Peyron (SVP legal affairs and general counsel) and Emmett Harrison (SVP corporate communications and sustainability).

“We are creating a more efficient organization—both in terms of number of resources and the way we work,” said Dahlgren. “With a new, fully integrated Scandinavia Division under one management, we are confident that we will reinforce a clear and common agenda and act with more power and speed.”

Restructuring costs, which are currently estimated not to exceed SEK30 million, will be included in third-quarter 2013 figures.