Certified organic e-liquids being launched by VTM

    Vapor Tobacco Manufacturing (VTM) is due to launch what it describes as the first certified organic e-liquids for the vapor industry: eTron 3T .

    VTM’s organic products are made from three ingredients: organic tobacco, organic glycerine and water.

    The products have been certified organic under the US Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program and will carry the USDA Organic Seal when they make their debut at the January Tobacco Plus Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    The organic e-liquids will be offered with American-Blend and Virginia-Blend flavors, both in Red (full) and Gold (light) strengths, and with organic menthol (Green) flavor. Other, organic, ‘responsible, adult-friendly flavors’ are to follow.

    VTM says its organic liquids will be sold in child resistant 15 ml glass bottles as well as in pre-filled eTron 3T disposable e-cigarettes.

    “We are proud to launch the first certified organic e-liquid for the vapor market,” said VTM founder and inventor Tom O’Connell. “Vapor consumers have not had an organic choice until now.

    “Moreover, our organic product offers the most natural tobacco flavor in the vapor industry. It tastes like tobacco because it is made from tobacco – certified organic tobacco.

    “Having been in the vapor industry for years and before that in cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, I know that flavors like caramel are substituted for real tobacco flavor in e-liquids. Vape shops often rotate smokers through a series of different flavors – simply because none of the available flavors actually fit the tobacco taste that the smoker is looking for.

    “For adult smokers who are looking for tobacco satisfaction from vapor, our eTron 3T liquid is the answer. They’ll know the difference from the first puff.”

    Meanwhile, Joseph Fuisz, co-founder, said that vapor innovation had focused on incremental device improvements while the actual e-liquid consumed had not materially changed except in respect of its provenance, which had seen a move from Chinese to US- and European-made liquids.

    “Moreover, strong vapor category growth has masked the relatively low conversion rate for smokers who try vapour,” he said. “The vast majority of smokers do not stay with vapor and the principal reason is the poor acceptance of product taste. It is precisely this market – the adult smoker looking for vapor alternatives – that eTron® 3T(TM) organic e-liquids are geared to. Certified organic eTron® 3T(TM) e-liquid is a dramatic step forward for the vapor industry.”