• May 21, 2024

Canada implements restrictions on flavored cigars

Rona Ambrose, Canada’s Minister of Health, on June 18 announced the adoption of new measures that will further restrict flavors in cigars that could appeal to youth.

In 2009, the Cracking Down on Tobacco Marketing Aimed at Youth Act banned the use of certain additives—including flavors like chocolate and bubble gum—in cigarettes, little cigars and blunt wraps in an effort to make them less attractive to children and young adults.

Manufacturers, however, began producing resized cigars in the prohibited flavors. The recently announced amendments target these products and close the loophole by preventing manufacturers from changing the weight of little cigars or removing their filter in order to continuing marketing certain flavors.

The proposed amendments prohibit most flavors and selected additives in cigars that weigh more than 1.4 grams but no more than 6 grams, as well as in cigars that use tipping paper or do not feature a wrapper fitted in spiral form.

The amendments are scheduled to come into force Dec. 14.