• July 23, 2024

Disposable shisha pipes mandatory in Dubai

The Dubai Municipality has implemented a new hygiene rule making it mandatory for shisha outlets in Dubai to use disposable pipes in place of traditional shisha hoses. The rule, which was issued in accordance with the articles of the federal law number 15 of 2009 on tobacco control, is aimed at protecting shisha smokers from coming into contact with infectious diseases.

The municipality’s Public Health and Safety Department has issued a circular to cafes and restaurants that serve shishas, asking them to replace traditional shisha pipes with disposable ones for one-time use by Oct. 15.

According to the department’s director, Marwan Al Mohammed, recent studies have found that shared use of shisha pipes can lead to a spread of several fungal, viral and bacterial infections, including herpes simplex virus-1, hepatitis B, bacterial meningitis, tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases.