• May 26, 2024

Sixteen percent of Finns smoke, one percent vape

bout 16 percent of Finns aged 15-64 smoke daily, a figure that comprises 17 percent men and 14 percent women, according to an Esmerk story citing Finland’s National Institute of Health and Welfare.

Eleven percent of 16-year-olds smoke.

Less than one percent of the country’s working-age population vape electronic cigarettes daily, though seven percent of women aged 15-24 vape occasionally.

Meanwhile, according to Customs department tax statistics, 4,317 million cigarettes and 117 million cigars were consumed in Finland last year.

Cigarette consumption during 2014 was said to have been down from that of 2013, but the story did not say by how much.

Four hundred and seventy million duty-free cigarettes were imported by private individuals during 2014.