• April 24, 2024

Jakarta to remove cigarette billboards

Officers from the public order agency of Jakarta, Indonesia, on Nov. 18 removed several cigarette billboards in the Mampang Prapatan district in South Jakarta whose permits had expired.

The billboard removal operation was lead by district head Asril Rizal, who said the removal preceded the final banning of all cigarette billboards in December as decreed by Gubernatorial Regulation No. 1/2015.

“In December, all tobacco billboards will be removed because the gubernatorial regulation will come into effect as of January next year,” Asril said as quoted by kompas.com, on Wednesday.

Earlier this year, Gamal Sinurat, assistant to the city secretary for city development, said the city would issue a gubernatorial regulation on the placement of billboards, according to a story in The Jakarta Post. Sinurat said the administration had disseminated the planned regulation to all property owners.

“We will reregister and redefine the locations that are totally free from billboards and the places that have strict or light controls on the placement of billboards,” he added.