JT announces launch of next-generation Ploom

    Japan Tobacco Inc. said today that it would launch the next generation of its Ploom ‘tobacco vapor’ device, Ploom TECH, and three types of ‘MEVIUS for Ploom TECH’ tobacco capsules.

    All products would be available in Japan from early March through nearly 900 stores in Fukuoka City and nationwide via a dedicated online store operated by the company’s subsidiary, JT Creative Service.

    ‘In December 2013, JT introduced Japan’s first tobacco vapor product, Ploom,’ JT said in a note posted on its website. ‘Ploom TECH represents the next breakthrough product from the Ploom brand, which now delivers an even smoother tobacco taste and can be used instantly.

    ‘Ploom TECH is a new way of enjoying tobacco by placing a tailor-made tobacco capsule filled with granulated tobacco leaves into a device, composed of a battery and cartridge. Vapor is generated from the liquid in the cartridge and passes through the tobacco capsule. With this innovative technology, JT has created a clear tobacco taste without ash or smoke.’

    For the tobacco capsule, JT has developed MEVIUS for Ploom TECH, which uses the name of Japan’s best-selling cigarette brand. ‘This capsule provides a smooth taste,’ the press note said. ‘To allow the consumers to choose according to their preferences, a line-up of three new products – one regular and two menthol types – has been created.
    ‘JT has also given thorough consideration to the ease of use of these products. Ploom TECH is activated merely by inhaling, making it possible to enjoy the experience immediately and at any time. Stick-shaped, lightweight and compact, Ploom TECH is also easy to hold and carry.

    ‘Since there is no combustion, Ploom TECH tobacco vapor does not produce tobacco smoke smell or ash, making it a new way to enjoy tobacco that helps to avoid annoying those nearby. This is JT’s latest offering toward realizing a society where smokers and non-smokers can coexist harmoniously.’

    The launch in Japan is said to mark the start of a roll-out of Ploom TECH globally. ‘By offering a wide range of choices to meet changing consumers’ preferences and satisfaction, JT is aiming to be the global leader in the emerging products category,’ the press note said.