• March 2, 2024

Conference deadlines announced

 Conference deadlines announced

The deadline for the submission of abstracts for poster presentations at this year’s Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN) is March 31.

The same deadline applies to the submission of nominations for the Vaping Advocate of the Year Award.

The working sessions of the GFN are due to be held in Warsaw, Poland, on June 17-18, under the theme Evidence, Accountability, Transparency.

This year’s event will include a special showing of the landmark documentary, You Are Being Lied To – A Billion Lives, which is due to be screened on June 16, before the conference’s social event.

The documentary will be introduced by Aaron Biebert, the director, who will take part also in a short Q&A session after the screening. All GFN delegates will receive a ticket for the screening and an invitation to the conference social event immediately afterwards.

An outline program for the 2016 conference has been drawn up and is available here: https://gfn.net.co/programme-2016/program.