• July 15, 2024

CORESTA documents available

 CORESTA documents available

The CORESTA secretariat says that a number of documents, reports and news pieces have been published, and can be accessed on its website. The following documents have been published and can be downloaded from the CORESTA website at www.coresta.org under the Documents section.

  • Method No. 6 “Determination of Ventilation – Definitions and Measurement Principles” (2016-09-26)
  • Report “Recommendation of Measurement Area for Air Permeability Determination of Super-Slim Cigarette Papers” (2016-09-26)
  • Report “3rd Round Robin Test for Multi-Capillary Ventilation Calibration Standards 2014/2015” (2016-11-17)
  • Guide No. 18 “Technical Guide for Sample Handling and Sample Collection of E-Cigarettes and E-Vapour Generating Products” (2016-11-29)

The following new projects were launched and a CORESTA Recommended Method (CRM) was entered into the ISO Standards process.  A full list of active projects is available on the CORESTA website at www.coresta.org under the Study Groups/Active Projects section:

  • Project 122:  PTM SG – 10th Proficiency Test on Physical Parameters
  • Project 123:  PTM SG – 3rd Proficiency Test on Diffusion Capacity
  • Project 124:  PTM SG – 5th Round Robin Test on Filter Ventilation Calibration Standards
  • Project 125:  STS SG – Metals Proficiency Study 2017
  • Project 126:  STS SG – TSNA, Moisture and pH Collaborative Study for CRM revision
  • Project 127:  EVAP SG – Carbonyl Method for Liquids and E-Vapour Product Aerosol
  • Project 128:  EVAP SG – Guide on Alternate Vaping Regimen(s) for E-Vapour Products
  • New ISO Project 21766CRM 72 – Determination of Tobacco Specific Nitrosamines in Smokeless Tobacco Products by LC-MS/MS

Abstracts of presentations made at the 2016 CORESTA Congress in Berlin, Germany, are available from the CORESTA website at www.coresta.org under the Abstracts section. The CORESTA Sub-Group and Task Force reports presented at the 2016 CORESTA Congress have also been published and can be accessed on the individual group webpages on the CORESTA website. In addition, the abstracts of presentations made at the 70th Tobacco Science and Research Conference (TSRC) have been published under the CORESTA website Abstracts section. And the CORESTA Newsletter (Issue 46 – December 2016) is available for download in PDF format from the CORESTA website Home Page or the Information/Newsletters section.