• April 13, 2024

Big tax increase in NZ

 Big tax increase in NZ

Tobacco excise was increased by 10 percent in New Zealand from the beginning of this year, according to a Radio New Zealand story.

This year’s increase was the first of four consecutive 10 percent rises that are due to come into force on January 1 each year until 2020.

The retail price of a pack of cigarettes is currently about $20.

Roughly 15 percent of adult New Zealanders, or 550,000 people, are estimated to smoke daily, while smoking-related illnesses are said to kill up to 5,000 a year.

Quitline chief executive Andrew Slater said it was likely more people would stop smoking because of the price rise.

And Māori Party co-leader Marama Fox said the goal was that by 2025 fewer than five percent of people would be smokers.

There were many parts of New Zealand that had already reached that goal.

However, one of the biggest areas that needed to be examined was Māori smoking – Māori women smoking.

And another was the trial introduction of electronic cigarettes and vaping as forms of cessation.

Fox said a change to the tobacco laws was being considered, formally to include electronic cigarettes as part of quit-smoking moves.