Simple, effective technology

C.B. Kaymich has launched its Tank Agitation System (TAS), which has been designed to prevent the separation of liquids containing particles in suspension.

The system was previewed at an exhibition last year and was the subject of a news story here on November 16.

The TAS has been designed to work alongside the company’s Gemini on-line flavour application system to ensure a homogenous mix of liquids.

Kaymich said that the TAS was based on simple technology that effectively and economically reduced melt time for menthol and ensured all substances remained blended.

It could be installed easily by a competent factory engineer.

The TAS comprised a stainless steel impeller and motor, as well as an interface box that was managed and controlled by inclusive software operated through the main Gemini unit.

The pump and impeller were coupled magnetically so the integrity of the tank was not compromised, guaranteeing that it remained leak free.

The TAS is available now with new Gemini units and can be retrofitted to units manufactured from 2013 onwards.

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