• June 12, 2024

Trying to Trump new rules

 Trying to Trump new rules

As tobacco and vaping companies focus on new nicotine products that are potentially less harmful than are cigarettes, industry players see an opening under the Trump administration for rolling back rules governing these new products, writes Jilian Mincer in a story for Reuters.

Trump’s surprise election victory in November and his pledges to reduce federal regulations on business have led tobacco lobby groups to draft a new plan of action, according to company executives, lobbyists and consultants interviewed by Reuters.

The immediate goal was to delay implementation of new regulations on the latest generation of electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices.

Longer-term, they were setting their sights on repealing the 2016 law that treats these devices as if they were tobacco products.

Lobbyists, writes Mincer, describe a cautious optimism as they approach lawmakers with their plans for products that they say can help smokers quit and avoid the known dangers of tobacco.

‘With U.S. sales of conventional cigarettes shrinking, big tobacco has made a major bet in recent years to dominate the e-cigarette industry,’ she said.