• July 24, 2024

Hot-melt filter upgrade

 Hot-melt filter upgrade

C.B. Kaymich is offering an upgrade to its hot-melt-tank filters.

The company says that its GT6 series of gravity hot melt tanks have been redesigned to provide improved filtration for gravity fed systems.

The new design eliminates contamination and eradicates blockages, which means there is no downtime.

‘In addition, the new 700µ strainer has a positive seat because it is screwed into place, facilitated by a new stop valve assembly which provides the mating thread,’ Kaymich said in a press note. ‘This eliminates the possibility of the operator replacing the strainer incorrectly after cleaning.’

Kaymich said it strived to make all new products futureproof, and that the new filtration system offered that futureproof capability.

“Second stage filtration can easily be added very simply at a later date, just by removing the strainer cap, inserting a 150µ cartridge and replacing the cap,” said MD Michael Bedford.

“This means that any investment now will not only serve to provide a greater quality product today but will also make the tank ready to be upgraded to a pumped system when the time arrives.”