• May 28, 2024

Plain-talking packaging

North Korea photo
Photo by (stephan)

Production in North Korea of a popular brand of cigarettes has been suspended on the orders of the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, according to a story in The Daily NK.

The brand in question is ‘Kumsugangsan’, which in Korean means ‘land of natural beauty’.

The Daily NK reported that a source in Pyongyang had told it that, during a meeting to promote the production of domestic goods, Kim Jong Un had said that the name of the cigarettes, which were produced in collaboration with China, did not accurately reflect the “real state” of North Korea.

“Soon afterwards, the cigarette was no longer produced and was replaced with the ‘Pyongyang’ brand cigarette,” the source said.

Each cigarette factory in North Korea produces their products according to an annual tobacco production target.

But the factory manufacturing Kumsugangsan was forced to produce Pyongyang instead despite the production targets.

To maintain profit levels at the factory, Pyongyang is retailing at, 4,000 KPW, on a par with the price of Kumsugangsan.

Kim Jong Un reportedly told cadres at a gathering that Kumsugangsan conjured an image of verdant land and pristine waters, which was not in line with the reality of the country.

The source said that this was a criticism of the country’s extensive deforestation and its insufficient protection or maintenance of waterways.