CORESTA reporting

The CORESTA Secretariat has given details of the documents that it has published and the projects that it has launched since December. The following documents have been published and can be downloaded from the CORESTA website at under the Documents section.

  • Report “3rd Round Robin Test for Air Permeability Calibration Standards 2014/2015” (2016-12-20)
  • Report “Cigar Smoke Analysis – 11th Collaborative Study” (2016-12-20)
  • Report “Puffing Topography Inter-lab Study” (2017-01-18)
  • Report: “CORESTA Reference Products 2016 Analysis” (2017-01-31)
  • Report “7th Proficiency Test (2014) for Physical Parameters of Cigarettes and Filters” (2017-02-08)
  • Report “8th Proficiency Test (2015) for Physical Parameters of Cigarettes and Filters” (2017-02-08)
  • Report “2016 Collaborative Study on Minor Alkaloids in Tobacco Products” (2017-02-16)
  • Report “2016 Collaborative Study on Nicotine in Tobacco Products” (2017-02-23)
  • Report “2016 Collaborative Study of CORESTA Monitor 8 (CM8)” (2017-02-27)
  • Report “2014 Collaborative Study Comparing CRM35 for the Determination of Total Alkaloids (as Nicotine) in Tobacco by Continuous Flow Analysis to a New Method with Safer Chemistry” (2017-03-01)
  • Report “2016 Collaborative Study of CORESTA Ignition Propensity Monitor Test Piece CM IP 2 for the Determination of Ignition Propensity” (2017-03-06)
  • Report “Joint Experiment Technical Study (JETS) Report 16/2 Maleic Hydrazide in Tobacco” (2017-03-06)
  • Report “2015 Collaborative Study for Determination of Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Water and Nicotine in Collected Aerosol of E-Cigarettes” (2017-03-09)
  • Method “Determination of Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Water, and Nicotine in the Aerosol of E-Cigarettes by Gas Chromatographic Analysis” (2017-03-09)

External publications

  • Report “An Inter-Laboratory Comparison for the Urinary Acrolein Biomarker 3-Hydroxypropyl-Mercapturic Acid (3-HPMA)” published in Beiträge zur Tabakforschung International/Contributions to Tobacco Research, Volume 27, Issue 5.
  • ISO 19290:2016 Standard published, based on CORESTA Recommended Method (CRM) No. 75 (TSNA in Smoke)

Projects The following new projects were launched. A full list of active projects is available on the CORESTA website at under the Study Groups/Active Projects section:

  • Project 129: STS SG – 2017 Benzo[a]Pyrene Collaborative Study
  • Project 130: AA SG – Joint Experiment Technical Study (JETS) on Maleic Hydrazide (2)
  • Project 131: AA SG – 13th CPA Analysis Proficiency Test – 2017
  • Project 132: ACAC – Guide on Responsible Use of CPAS in Tobacco Leaf Production
  • Project 134: RAC SG – CM8 Collaborative Study 2 – 2017
  • Project 136: RFT SG – Field Residue Trials – 2nd 3-year cycle
  • Project 137: GMO SG – 4th Proficiency Test for Detection of Transgenic Tobacco

Project 138: AA-SG – Poster presentation at LAPRW2017 Costa Rica