• July 15, 2024

Smoking plummets in Sweden

snus photo
Photo by Risager

Data released by the Swedish government indicates that the proportion of male smokers between 30 and 44 fell to five percent last year, according to a story by Andy Coghlan for New Scientist magazine.

Overall, eight percent of Swedish men smoke daily compared with the EU average of just over 25 percent.

The proportion of Swedish women who smoke is 10 percent.

Professor Gerry Stimson, chairman of the European consumer group, the New Nicotine Alliance, which promotes tobacco harm-reduction, was quoted as saying that smoking was disappearing in Sweden.

This was due, he added to the popularity of snus, which had replaced smoking.

In January, the alliance co-launched legal action at the European Court of Justice aimed at lifting a ban on snus that applies to all the countries of the EU except Sweden.

“We’re bringing the case because the ban denies access to a product that helps people protect their health,” said Stimson.

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