• May 22, 2024

End-game report’s missing link

A link photolink is now available to a report that was described here on February 28 under the heading, End game within reach.

The report, Ending cigarette use by adults in a generation is possible, was the work of a team of tobacco control and health experts whose goal was to assess the views of 120 US tobacco control experts about what they saw as some of the key areas and priorities for significantly reducing or eliminating cigarette use.

According to the executive summary, the researchers consulted 120 key tobacco control leaders across the US. ‘They represent a broad swath of tobacco control experience and expertise, ranging from researchers and academics, to advocates, state and urban tobacco control staff, government officials, and local front-line workers,’ the summary said. ‘Their input is integrated into a proposed strategy to achieve the goal of reducing cigarette smoking in adults to less than 10 percent in all communities nationwide by 2024.

‘This is not a consensus report. We considered all inputs, and focus here on what represents the needed balance between what has worked to reduce smoking in the US, and additional steps that are now needed. These steps draw upon advances in technology and deeper insights into what drives behavior change.’

The report is at: http://tobaccoreform.org.