• April 24, 2024

New TA leadership

 New TA leadership

Hank Mozingo is the new president of Tobacco Associates, effective today.

During his 27 years of service, Mozingo directed the organization’s international operations, assembled and managed a team of renowned consultants, and secured laboratory facilities necessary to provide sophisticated technical assistance for developing successful tobacco products utilizing the unique qualities of U.S. leaf.

Mozingo succeeds Kirk Wayne, who retired after serving Tobacco Associates for 47 years, including 38 as president.

Under Kirk’s leadership, Tobacco Associates advanced from an information provider into a dynamic and unique organization providing education, U.S. leaf grade standards instruction, and assistance in product development techniques to utilize the special quality attributes of U.S.-produced tobacco.

According to Tobacco Associates, the programs have benefited hundreds of cigarette manufacturing officials by assisting in the development of new successful products and have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in increased export sales of U.S. leaf.