• May 26, 2024

Prison threat for vapers

Prison photoTobacco smoking and the vaping of electronic devices have been banned in all public buildings and facilities in Manila, the Philippines, according to a story in The Manila Bulletin.

The ordinance is said also to prohibit the possession of any tobacco product or vaping device ‘whether the smoke [or vapor] is being actively inhaled or exhaled’.

And the smoking and vaping bans are not limited to inside city government buildings, but take in their compounds and any places within 100 meters of city government properties.

But the ordinance mandates the establishment of smoking areas outside each city government building provided it is not less than 10 meters away from where people pass or congregate and has visible ‘Smoking Area’ and ‘Minors Not Allowed’ signage, and graphic health warnings.

The new ordinance, which bans smoking in or at all public buildings, facilities, and establishments ‘owned, used, or controlled or administered by the city government of Manila’, was approved unanimously by the city council.

Ordinance No. 7812 or the ‘Smoke-Free Ordinance of the City Government of Manila’, authored by councilor Casimiro Sison, is said to have been intended to safeguard the health of the public and to set an example to the private sector in promoting a smoke-free environment.

But a previous ordinance (No. 7748) that has been in effect since 1991 already prohibits tobacco smoking in enclosed public places, such as bars, restaurants, theaters, malls, factories, vehicles, classrooms, school grounds, hospitals, clinics and markets.

Under the recently passed ordinance, violators will be liable to a fine of P2,000 and/or one day in prison for the first offense; P3,000 and/or two days in prison for the second offense; and P5,000 and/or three days in prison for the third offense.