• April 24, 2024

Sustainable packaging valued

packaging photoA new independent study by Smithers Pira amongst major brand owners and retailers in five key European markets has shown resounding evidence of the importance of sustainability in packaging, according to a press note from Pro Carton, which commissioned the study.

Folding cartons were perceived as the most sustainable packaging but there was said to be confusion about the issue of the circular economy and what makes packaging sustainable.

“It is interesting to see how the environmental benefits of cartonboard packaging have been perceived by our target audiences and I am delighted to note that our strengths of renewability and recyclability are now well appreciated”, said Tony Hitchin, general manager of Pro Carton.

The study, which was conducted in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, was aimed at investigating the views and attitudes amongst major European brand owners and retailers in respect of sustainability in packaging and its importance to the retail business. The main fieldwork for the project comprised a series of 100 in-depth telephone interviews with leading decision makers.

Ninety-six percent of respondents said that the use of sustainable packaging was important to their business, and 52 percent said that it was either ‘very important’ or ‘critical’.

“The top criteria for packaging to be considered ‘sustainable’ were (i) that it is a recyclable material (29.2 percent), (ii) that it uses renewable & abundant materials (19.6 percent), (iii) that it uses minimal lightweight materials (15.5 percent), (iv) that is has a low environmental footprint (8.2 percent) and (v) that it is biodegradable or compostable (5.1 percent)”, Adam Page, global director reports and consultancy, Smithers Pira, was quoted as saying.

A summary of the study The Importance of Sustainability in Packaging can be found at: www.procarton.com.