• April 18, 2024

Relative fire risks explained

Fire photoSwitching from smoking to vaping greatly reduces the risk of dying in a fire, according to a Fire Magazine story citing London Fire Brigade figures.

While traditional tobacco cigarettes were the biggest cause of fatal fires, there had been no recorded deaths or injuries because of fires caused by electronic cigarettes.

During the past three years in London, UK, the Brigade had recorded 14 fires caused by electronic cigarettes compared to just over 3,500 smoking-related fires.

London Fire Brigade’s Assistant Commissioner, Dan Daly, said the best course of action was to quit smoking, but that switching to vaping also greatly cut the risk of fires.

The fire risks presented by electronic cigarettes usually arise from people using the wrong power source to charge them; so the Brigade has issued the following advice to avoid fires:

  • Only use the battery and charger that is provided with the electronic cigarette, and buy these items from a reputable vendor;
  • Keep electronic cigarettes away from heat sources, and keep them uncovered while charging;
  • Never use a damaged electronic cigarette,  and never leave one on charge while unattended, including while asleep;
  • Never use electronic cigarettes close to medical oxygen because of the danger of ignition;
  • Damaged or old batteries should be replaced because they can lead to a fire caused by a short circuit, overheating or mechanical damage;
  • Don’t leave batteries in a car, or in a pocket with loose change or keys; always use an approved case.