• June 16, 2024

Georgia mulls stricter controls

controls photo
Photo by d!ego

The Tobacco Control Alliance of Georgia says that parliament is considering possible amendments to the country’s tobacco control law that would see the prohibition of smoking in all types of buildings except residential houses and prisons.

Thirty-five percent of the population is estimated to smoke, an estimate that takes in ‘child’ smokers.

A draft bill presented to parliament would ban also tobacco-products advertising, promotion and sponsorship.

And it would increase the size of health warnings from 30 percent to 65 percent.

Chairman of the parliamentary committee on health Akaki Zoidze said that if the bill were approved the consumption of tobacco in buildings would be prohibited from 2018, and that from 2020 smoking would be banned at open public spaces, such as stadiums.

Under the new rules, those caught smoking in buildings would be liable to a fine of 500 GEL. Fines would increase to 2,000 GEL and 5,000 GEL for repeat violations.

Currently, smoking is prohibited only in hospitals and schools.