• May 22, 2024

Smoking shifts

shift worker photo
Photo by conner395

People who work shifts or irregular hours are more deprived of sleep and some are more prone to smoking and drinking than are people who work regular daytime hours, according to a story in The Korea Herald citing a survey carried out in South Korea.

The findings, published by Professor Song Yoon-mi of Samsung Medical Center, said women in their 50s were the most susceptible to developing problems because of their work schedules.

The ratio of smokers among female shift workers was 1.73 times that of daytime workers, according to the survey conducted with 11,680 people.

But the ratio among female shift workers in their 50s was 5.55 times higher than was the case with daytime workers.

The data showed the number of male shift workers who suffered from sleep deprivation was 1.18 times that of daytime workers.

But it indicated that there was no significant difference in the smoking and drinking habits of male shit workers and male daytime workers.