• May 26, 2024

Thailand investigating hemp

 Thailand investigating hemp

The Thailand Tobacco Monopoly (TTM) is considering planting hemp and processing it for use in consumer products, including cigarette papers, according to a story by Wichit Chantanusornsiri for the Bangkok Post.

It is interested in other products, too, in particular hemp seed oil.

Daonoi Suthinipaphan, the enterprise’s MD, told the Post in an interview that the TTM was seeking a partnership with the private sector to fulfil its ambitions in respect of hemp cigarette papers.

The story said that hemp seed oil could be mixed into cigarettes to reduce the quantity of nicotine and tar residues, and that the flavor of cigarettes with such oil was similar to that of traditional cigarettes. And it said that hemp rolling papers did not burn when they were lit, which reduced the dispersion of harmful cigarette smoke.

Daonoi said that the TTM had learned of the benefits of hemp rolling paper from overseas research and would conduct its own study before the rolling papers were manufactured.

“Some smokers would prefer to buy imported cigarettes, but there is inadequate supply to meet their demand,” she said. “We hope to manufacture cigarettes that are less harmful to Thais’ health.

“We have challenged ourselves to possibly produce cigarettes that do not have a negative effect on health.

“We’re carrying out our own research study on the issue, but some doctors will still be opposed to our new products because they are against smoking.

“We are starting at the question of whether we can lower nicotine and tar in cigarettes.”