• May 22, 2024

Kaymich software extended

 Kaymich software extended

The adhesive-application and fluid-control systems supplier, C.B. Kaymich, said yesterday that it had developed its Gemini Data Capture software to include the option of barcoding.

‘The Gemini Data Capture software is a quality assurance package, providing batch traceability of filters, foil or cigarette,’ Kaymich said in a press note.

‘Originally developed for the production of mentholated foil bobbins, the barcode printer enabled users to quickly and easily apply a label which identified what the foil bobbin was, when it was made and which brand it was for.

‘The concept was then developed further to provide the same capability for any batch production resulting in the add-on product now available for the Gemini Flavour Application System.’

“This additional Gemini capability makes it incredibly simple and easy to identify the brand and examine all the production settings for the finished product”, said Kaymich’s Tim Williams.

“The system can be configured to suit the company’s specific process needs and even to offer personalised user permissions.

“Put simply, it allows users to record production settings for later analysis and better understanding of each production batch.”

More information about the Gemini Data Capture is at: www.kaymich.com.