• May 26, 2024

Schools show the way

 Schools show the way

The Philippines’ education department has launched a campaign to make all the country’s schools tobacco-smoke-free, according to a story in the Gulf News, quoting a senior official.

The move would help President Rodrigo Duterte achieve a smoke-free Philippines, his expressed vision when he signed in May an executive order banning tobacco smoking in public places, the official said.

The education department had issued an order aimed at educating “school personnel, students, and teachers” about the harmful effects of smoking, the undersecretary of the Department of Education’s legal affairs division, Alberto Muyot, was quoted as saying.

“Tobacco companies’ campaign materials such as posters and T-shirts are banned in schools,” said Muyot. “Schools are not allowed to accept donations or assistance from tobacco companies.”

Selling cigarettes within 100 meters of schools is prohibited and Muyot said that the business permits of violators would be revoked.

Meanwhile, schools have been told that they should have a ‘Child Protection Committee’ to report violators to local government units.

“The education department’s initiative will strengthen the campaign of the administration to achieve a smoke-free nation,” Muyot said.