Vaping bans on way

    Russia’s Health Ministry is preparing a bill that, if passed, would regulate vaping and hookah smoking in the country, according to a Pravda Online story.

    The bill, which is set to be drafted by February, is expected to include a ban on vaping and hookah smoking in bars and restaurants throughout Russia.

    Ministry officials were quoted as saying that the general idea behind the bill was that vaping should be regulated in the same way that tobacco smoking was regulated.

    The officials said that, currently, a lot of adolescents used both hookahs and vaping devices, and that these products were not regulated.

    Reportedly, the bill will limit the sale of hookah and vaping devices to people over the age of 18.

    The story said – though it wasn’t clear whether this had come from the officials or not – that it was worthy of note that ‘US scientists found deadly toxins in vaping smoke, where the concentration of dangerous substances exceeds maximum permissible indicators’.

    ‘Those making up to 250 puffs per day with 3.8-4.8-volt devices, inhale acrolein, formaldehyde and diacetyl in above the mark quantities,’ the story said.

    ‘The concentration of harmful substances in the rooms where vaping is allowed exceeds admissible indicators as well.’