Bans seep into homes

    Smokers living in South Korea in apartments and other residences with shared amenities will face a crackdown from early next year after the parliament approved a tough anti-smoking bill aimed at fighting second-hand smoke, according to a story in The Korea Times.

    Choi Myung-gil of the opposition People’s Party of Korea won approval for his bill yesterday.

    It is due to take effect from January.

    Under existing laws, smoking is banned in the stairways, corridors and elevators of residences with shared amenities.

    But smoking at home is not regulated, and some believe that this leaves people vulnerable to tobacco smoke coming from other apartments.

    When the new law goes into effect, wardens, on request, will be authorized to visit a home where people are thought to be smoking.

    They won’t be given the right to force people to stop smoking, but they will be able to warn them.