• May 23, 2024

Final warning given

 Final warning given

The US Food and Drug Administration has issued its final guidance on small-cigar-pack health-warnings, Compliance Policy for Required Warning Statements on Small-Packaged Cigars.

From August 10, 2018, it will be unlawful for anyone to manufacture, package, sell, offer to sell, distribute, or import for sale or distribution within the US any cigar unless its product packaging bears one of the following warning statements:

  • WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
  • WARNING: Cigar smoking can cause cancers of the mouth and throat, even if you do not inhale.
  • WARNING: Cigar smoking can cause lung cancer and heart disease.
  • WARNING: Cigars are not a safe alternative to cigarettes.
  • WARNING: Tobacco smoke increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease, even in non-smokers.
  • WARNING: Cigar use while pregnant can harm you and your baby; or SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Tobacco Use Increases the Risk of Infertility, Stillbirth and Low Birth Weight.

The FDA does not intend to take enforcement action with respect to cigars sold in packaging that is too small or otherwise unable to accommodate a label with the required warning statement once the compliance policy takes effect, if the warning statements appear either:

  • On the carton or other outer container or wrapper if the carton, outer container, or wrapper has sufficient space to bear the information; or
  • On a tag otherwise firmly and permanently affixed to the tobacco product package.

The compliance policy does not apply to other labeling provisions, such as the random display and distribution of cigar warning statements on packaging in accordance with an FDA-approved warning plan.