• May 26, 2024

Funding applications sought

 Funding applications sought

Philip Morris International said on Friday that it was calling for funding proposals under PMI IMPACT, its US$100 million global initiative to support third party projects dedicated to fighting illegal trade.

‘Proposals can come from private, public, or non-governmental organizations, and interested organizations must submit their applications by November 15, 2017,’ the company said in a note posted on its website.

‘For this second funding round, PMI IMPACT will focus on initiatives that address converging forms of illegal trade and related crimes, such as corruption, money laundering, and organized criminal networks.

‘The projects can be implemented anywhere in the world, but should have an impact in one or more of these geographic areas: Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Tri-Border Area in South America, Central America, South and Southeast Asia.

‘As highlighted by expert speakers from public institutions, law enforcement, the private sector, and civil society at a two-day conference on Combating Illicit Trade, held in London earlier this week with the support of PMI IMPACT, illegal trade takes many forms – ranging from the smuggling and counterfeiting of goods to human trafficking, and the trade in drugs, arms, and wildlife. Illegal activities are frequently interlinked and converge, as criminals exploit the same large-scale trafficking routes and modes of operation.’

PMI said the PMI IMPACT Expert Council would review and select the projects for funding.

“We are looking forward to receiving cutting-edge proposals that will help private and public organizations improve their knowledge and efficiency in the fight against this growing concern worldwide,” said Alain Juillet, a member of the PMI IMPACT Expert Council.

Information on how to apply for the second funding round is at: http://www.pmi-impact.com/Apply/How.