• July 23, 2024

Apple CEO visits Iggesund

 Apple CEO visits Iggesund

Apple CEO Tim Cook was in Iggesund, Sweden, yesterday to visit both the forest and the paperboard mill with the stated intention of learning more about the sustainability work of Iggesund Paperboard and its parent company, the Holmen Group.

Since 2005, Apple has been a major customer of Iggesund Paperboard, buying its Invercote paperboard, which is made at the Iggesund Mill.

“We are proud and pleased to have Apple as a customer, not least because they place very high demands on their suppliers’ sustainability work,” said Arvid Sundblad, vice president sales and marketing at Iggesund Paperboard.

‘Iggesund Paperboard strives to inspire next-century packaging with sustainable paperboard products, services and advice that enhance the value of world-class brands,’ the company said in a statement issued today.

‘The market-leading Invercote® and Incada® brands are used by some of the world’s most demanding brand owners.

‘Outstanding characteristics include superior durability, excellent color reproduction, whiteness that does not fade, taint and odor neutrality and design versatility.

‘Established in 1685 and part of the Holmen forest industry group, the company relies on its own sustainably-managed forests to ensure a renewable material for centuries to come.’