• April 16, 2024

Trials on track for 2018

 Trials on track for 2018

Swiss Rail is due to experiment with smoking restrictions at some of its train stations in response to customer complaints about second-hand smoke and cigarette butts on platforms impacting on their comfort, according to a story in Le News.

The experiments are due to be run next year at five or six stations.

According to a document obtained by the newspaper NZZ, under the experiment, smoking will be banned at Basel, Nyon and Zurich Stadelhofen stations, while smoking zones will be trialled at Bellinzone, and special smoking lounges tested at Neuchâtel.

The problem of discarded cigarette butts will be monitored across the stations.

The company says that no decisions have been taken, and emphasised that no decision on a blanket ban at all stations had been made.

It seems that any change will occur from the end of next year.

The experiment is due to be announced officially on November 21.