• June 12, 2024

No to shisha research

 No to shisha research

On the evidence of a survey launched in May, the board of CORESTA (Co-operation Centre for Scientific Research Relative to Tobacco) has decided not to include activities specific to water pipes in its work program.

The survey was conducted to evaluate interest in water pipe research since very little scientific work had been done on either water-pipe tobacco mixtures or emissions.

‘Work had started with ISO/TC 126 on a preliminary level in 2010 but was stopped in 2016 after four documents were drafted for proposed further projects,’ a CORESTA press note said.

‘The survey was announced in the CORESTA Newsletter (#47), on the website and via an e-mail to all CORESTA contacts.

‘It gathered 18 marks of interest, including four from non-CORESTA members. Sixteen had water pipe related activities, supplying material, equipment or services. Fourteen showed interest in future work but only nine declared having expertise in analytical methods, and 15 showed interest in participating in a workshop.

‘Considering the relatively low level of interest and the fact that work was simultaneously reactivated within ISO with four work item proposals for one ISO Standard and three Technical Specifications, the CORESTA Board eventually decided not to add water pipe specific activity within CORESTA’s work program.’

The following new ISO projects on water pipes were approved by ISO members at the end of May:

  • ‘NP 22486 – Standard on definitions and standard conditions;
  • ‘NP 22487 – Technical Specification on TPM and NFDPM;
  • ‘NP 22492 – Technical Specification on CO in vapor phase;
  • ‘NP 22991 – Technical Specification on CO in charcoal.’