• April 21, 2024

Tamburrino joins 22nd Century

 Tamburrino joins 22nd Century

Juan Sanchez Tamburrino has joined 22nd Century Group as vice president of research and development. Tamburrino previously lead the plant biotechnology division of British American Tobacco.

Tamburrino earned his Ph.D. degree in molecular biology and genetics at the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences at Cornell University, a partnership program with the Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Institute. After completing six years of post-doctoral research in plant biology at the Rockefeller University in New York, Tamburrino served as an associate professor at Universidad Tarapaca in Chile before becoming the research manager at Pioneer Hi-Bred International, a DuPont company now known as DuPont Pioneer.

In 2009, Tamburrino was appointed the head of BAT’s Plant Biotechnology Division in Cambridge, England. In this capacity, Tamburrino was responsible for biotechnology strategy related to tobacco leaf.

Tamburrino established BAT’s molecular breeding and GMO programs and developed the world’s most complete tobacco genome sequence. Tamburrino’s industry experience includes extensive work in toxicant reduction strategies for tobacco, as well as gene mutation technologies and methods for agronomic trait improvements for a variety of commercial plants. Tamburrino also directed BAT’s international intellectual property strategies for leaf tobacco.

At 22nd Century, Tamburrino will assume the role of vice president of research and development upon the retirement, at the end of this month, of Michael Moynihan. Moynihan has served as a key member of the 22nd Century management team for more than 10 years and was responsible for overseeing the development of the nicotine technology that serves as the foundation for 22nd Century’s very low nicotine and high nicotine tobaccos.

Having led the company’s research and development group, regulatory affairs initiatives, plant breeding programs, and aggressive growth of 22nd Century’s intellectual property portfolio, Moynihan’s work has been instrumental in establishing 22nd Century as a leader in tobacco harm reduction. After his retirement, Moynihan will continue to support the company as a consultant working on 22nd Century proprietary tobaccos for international markets and on other special projects.

“Not only did Mike Moynihan spearhead the development of what is arguably the most exciting modified risk tobacco product candidate in the tobacco industry, he also—through his extensive relationships in the scientific community—led us to Tamburrino,” said Henry Sicignano, III, president and CEO of 22nd Century Group.

“Mike Moynihan has been a foundational part of the team at 22nd Century; though we will miss him, I am very pleased that Mike will continue to support the company’s important work, even as he enjoys his well-earned retirement.”

“Dr. Tamburrino’s professional background and experience in the tobacco industry make him an invaluable addition to 22nd Century’s R&D team,” explained James Swauger, senior vice president of science and regulatory affairs at 22nd Century Group. “We look forward to the fresh perspective and new energy that Dr. Tamburrino will bring to the company’s on-going research efforts.”