• June 15, 2024

Glowing in Romania

 Glowing in Romania

British American Tobacco Romania has launched Glo, described as the company’s newest and most innovative tobacco heating product.

“British American Tobacco is the absolute industry leader in Romania, accounting for 55 percent of the whole tobacco products market, with Kent alone representing a quarter of the total domestic consumption,” Richard Widmann, area director, BAT Southern Central Europe, was quoted as saying in a note posted on the company’s website.

“The launch of Glo in Romania, as a first in the European Union, completes our portfolio with an alternative, completely innovative product with the potential to be significantly less risky than traditional cigarettes.”

According to the press note, 1 in 10 smokers have switched to this tobacco heating product in Sendai, one of Japan’s largest cities, where the device was launched in December 2016.

‘In addition, since launching Glo in Japan, 60 percent of growth in the tobacco heating product category is from Glo,’ the press note said.

BAT describes Glo as a tobacco heating product designed to offer ease of use and best-in-class quality and safety standards.

It is said to include a number of safety features to ensure ‘a quality user experience, for example’:

  • It has a high-quality aluminium sleeve and robust plastic base. The internal materials consist of thermal plastic which is heat resistant, a vacuum tube which ensures the exterior remains cool to the touch, rapid heating technology and a high-quality lithium battery.
  • It will shut off in the event of over-heating and has features that protect it from being charged incorrectly.
  • The device has been independently tested by a globally-recognised organisation against international safety standards for consumer devices.