GFN program announced

In announcing details of the Global Forum on Nicotine (GFN), the organizers said yesterday that this year’s conference would stage the biggest program in the event’s five-year history.
The conference, which will include 60 speakers from 17 countries, is scheduled to be held at the Marriott Hotel, Warsaw, Poland, on June 14-16.
The program highlights will include plenary sessions on:

  • Rethinking nicotine – policy and science;
  • Science and the new understandings of nicotine; and
  • Neglected issues – and those who are left behind.

And they will include parallel sessions on:

  • Country updates on tobacco harm reduction;
  • Clinical and real-world contexts for reduced harm nicotine products;
  • Regulation and consumers; and
  • Reduced harm nicotine products and their role in tobacco smoking cessation.

The Michael Russell Oration, which will be delivered by Dr. Joe Kosterich, is entitled, Rethinking Nicotine: New nicotine products, the media and the medical profession.
There will be panel debates on:

  • Who can we trust? Evidence and promises; and
  • Rethinking Nicotine: Where to next?

The event will include also the GFN Film Festival, which is focused on tobacco harm. The festival is being organised in association with Attention Era Media, the makers of A Billion Lives, which was shown at a previous GFN event.
Announcing the festival earlier this year, Aaron Biebert, the director of A Billion Lives, who will curate the festival, said that reversing propaganda and fear tactics would take more than a single movie.
And the event will include the second International Symposium on Nicotine Technology (ISoNTech).
Details of the program are at: