Expanding cannabis

    Alliance One International said yesterday that its indirect subsidiary, Canada’s Island Garden (CIG), would undergo a ‘significant expansion’ to support the growth of its Canadian cannabis line.
    The expansion, involving the construction of state-of-the-art plant, would increase CIG’s production capacity of medicinal cannabis, Alliance said. And it would increase production capacity for recreational cannabis as and when sales for the recreational market were legalized.
    ‘Phase 1 of the expansion, which includes a 166,000-square-foot greenhouse and 54,000-square-foot warehouse, is a $27 million (C$35M) investment,’ it said. ‘The warehouse is being constructed to also accommodate Phase 2 of the expansion, which would add an additional 90,000 square feet of greenhouse space.
    ‘Phase 1 will increase the facility’s annual production capacity from 1,200 kg to 18,000 kg and is expected to be complete in spring 2019. ‘Assuming completion of Phase 2, Canada’s Island Garden would have a total annual production capacity in excess of 35,000 kg.
    ‘Both the Phase 1 and Phase 2 expansions are designed to feature the latest technological advancements in horticulture and cannabis production to allow for the production of a premium-quality and sustainable product for consumers in Canada, optimized to create comprehensive transparency and traceability, from plant to final product, while also including security protections to maintain proper control of the facility.’
    Meanwhile, Alliance said that CIG had unveiled a new ‘FIGR’ brand, which reflected ‘the scientific rigor and decades of agronomic excellence for which it is known’.
    ‘Since the acquisition of 75 percent of Canada’s Island Garden by Canadian Cultivated Products, a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of Alliance One, the Canadian companies have been working on a new naming and branding concept. Canadian Cultivated Products will be rebranded to FIGR Cannabis, Canada’s Island Garden to FIGR East and Goldleaf Pharm, a sister company in Simcoe, Ontario, to FIGR Norfolk.
    ‘FIGR products are intended become available to the public in Canada as soon as sales in the recreational adult market are legalized. Sales to medical patients in Canada will remain under the current branding of Canada’s Island Garden.’