Fines threatened

    Cambodia’s Ministry of Health will soon start fining people who smoke in public venues where tobacco smoking is banned, along with the owners of those venues, according to a story in The Khmer Times.
    Ing Phirun, secretary of state at the Ministry of Health and permanent vice-chairman of the Tobacco Products Control Commission was quoted as saying that the ministries of health and justice would collaborate to fine those who violated rules against tobacco smoking in public areas such as restaurants and hotels.
    “We have an inspection working group of more than 500 people to work on the sub-decree, and anyone who smokes in a prohibited area will be fined 20,000 riel [US$5] per time,” he said. “Moreover, if they are found smoking in a hotel or restaurant, the fine will be doubled for the owners of the premises.”
    The government sub-decree banning smoking in workplaces and public places came into force in March 2016.
    The sub-decree says public places refer to restaurants, workplaces, public institutions, hospitals, schools and public parks.
    Fines of 20,000 to 50,000 riel will apply respectively to anyone who smokes in public and to venue owners who do not display notices drawing attention to the prohibition on smoking within their premises.