I Love Smoking

    The recent initiative by Korea Airports Corporation (KAC) to remove smoking rooms from airports has smokers fuming, according to a story in The Korea Herald.
    ‘Smokers are being unfairly inched out, protested I Love Smoking, a South-Korean smokers’ community.
    On June 25, KAC said that indoor smoking lounges at 14 airports in South Korea would be closed gradually, and that outdoor smoking areas would be moved further from areas with ‘a lot of passenger traffic’.
    In a statement, I Love Smoking asked KAC not to implement its plan.
    The community said that a unilateral decision to close smoking spaces at airports was not the way to solve the issue of the smoker/non-smoker divide.
    And it pointed out that the move would undermine smokers’ basic right to happiness.
    ‘Why not try using some of our tax money to build better separated smoking spaces?’ the community asked.
    The Herald said that South Korean laws put non-smokers’ rights above smokers’ rights; so it is not surprising that smoking rooms and spaces are becoming increasingly rare in Korea.