Spain to host THR summit

    What is being billed as Spain’s first tobacco harm reduction scientific congress is due to be held in Barcelona, on September 19.
    The congress, which already has 13 expert speakers lined up, is being organized by
    ANESVAP (the Spanish Association of Users of Personal Vaporisers) and MOVE (the Medical Organization Supporting Vaping and Electronic Cigarettes).
    In a press note, these organizations said they had been fighting hard during the past years to present the latest scientific evidence on the use of personal vaporisers to health and medical professionals in Spain, and to the wider society.
    Some had listened, they said, and a few had accepted that tobacco harm reduction (THR) policies could be helpful in respect of public health.
    Nevertheless, those supporting THR in Spain were still very few.
    ANESVAP and MOVE said that they were therefore organising the first ever conference on THR in Spain.
    Presentations from leading international experts in the field, would provide evidence about the place of THR in reducing smoking and its consequences, they added.
    Registration for the Tobacco Harm Reduction Summit Spain is available at: